The Albion EP Young & Lost

You can’t help but listen to The Albion’s new EP Young & Lost without wanting to get up out of your seat and dance – or just tap your foot in enjoyment.

A thirty-second intro builds the opening of the EP up to a cymbal crescendo, where the beginning of Illusions flows nicely from the eerie mismatch of sounds that the intro leaves. Illusions is an up-beat song that really displays the strong musicianship this band holds. Clearly this band is made up of four talented lads with lots of potential. The melody is reminiscent to that of This Charming Man by The Smiths, with a catchy guitar riff that even Johnny Marr would be pretty pleased with. Added vocals in the chorus provide a very small, but noticeable contrast within the song that break it up nicely. All in all a strong opening to what promises to be a great EP.

Make Up Your Mind shifts the sound of the band instantly, with vocalist Will Carter’s vocal style following closely to that of Arctic Monkeys front man Alex Turner. This is reaffirmed with the use of backing vocals, that could have possibly been inspired by those used on the classic I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor, yet this song is far from the heavy guitar sounds of that song. Underlying this song, and possibly the secret ingredient as to how The Albion create their sound, is the bass guitar. Heard more in Make Up Your Mind than the previous, the bass guitar leaves an earthy rock sound that brings the song forward and continues to keep it running.

The concluding song on the EP, Life Amongst The Young and Lost, combines effective backing harmonies with everything displayed in the previous two songs. Although not the strongest on the EP, the song remains upbeat and rounds off the album nicely. There’s a lot going on in this song in contrast to Illusions and Make Up Your Mind, which makes keeping up with each aspect challenging at times. Continuing to use their mix of modern indie influences and electric guitar effects stolen straight out of the 80’s, Life Amongst The Young and Lost leaves you wanting more from this quartet. A lot more.

It’s plain to hear that The Albion have so much potential. As a quartet they know how to harness the talent of each member in order to create music of a high quality.

Fans of indie, I think you’ve just found your new favourite band.



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