Adam French Track Reviews

Singer-Songwriters used to be a thing of the past, while they would always been around, they have not always been relevant, Normally they would decide to form a band and claim the fame from there. However the last few years has seen a considerable rise for the genre and Congleton’s Adam French is another in a fine line of singer songwriters the area is proudly blessed with.
Adam isn’t the conventional singer-songwriter, yes he plays guitar but this is a guy who takes risks. Blessed with a keen ear for melody both ‘More to Life’ and ‘Ivory’ prove that Adam is not only a songwriter stopping at the present but moving towards the future.
‘More to Life’ musically builds up, the palm muted guitar is followed by the pounding drums and eerie sound effects that continue throughout the song. More to Life is a clear implication of what you get with Adam, this isn’t your run of the mill singer-songwriter who you see every week at your local Open Mic Night, Instead this is someone that not only a student but the more you hear it, its fairly obvious that he is a master in the art of melody.
If ‘More to Life’ is your night out kind of tune then ‘Ivory’ is the kind of song for a relaxing night in. ‘Ivory’ although not as instant as ‘More to Life’ is yet equally as memorable, maybe even more so and yet it still keeps many of the qualities that were predominantly used during the previous song. In this song with its arpeggio guitar opening shows Adam off as not only a fine songwriter but an excellent singer as well!
Adam has a headline gig at The Underground on the 30th of January, If these songs are anything to go by then I’d say its worth the wait in the queue alone.

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