Logical Drama @ Sugarmill 23.01.15

Bonamalis were the first band on, and I have to say I was very impressed. Immediately their tracks and stage presence reminded me of the euphoric sound of Oasis, and despite the fact that they are big boots to fill, I could also see their own spin woven into their songs. Filled with clever drumming and quirky guitar riffs, they definitely set the bench mark for the night.

Next on was Divine Youth, and despite suffering a broken guitar string they still pulled it off. The drumming was superb, forming the backbone of the band and everything else just slotted together perfectly to make it a powerful set full of energy.

True English Gents were third on, and having seen them many times before, I had high expectations. Yet once again the punk rock trio pulled it off. Their cover of Jamie T’s Zombie and also a classic Beastie Boys track meant the crowd broke out into chaos, but a good chaos that reflected the bands energy and charisma.

Lastly, headliners Logical Drama. Their set begun with a dramatic western theme as they walked onto the stage which grabbed everyone’s attention. Their set continued to hold on to this, with thumping rock riffs and stunning vocals that proved that rock n roll will always live on. Violinist Eloise added a nice streak of individuality to the set and to the band, and they definitely stood out in their own right.

The night was fuelled with energy and enthusiasm, and this combined with great local talent meant the night was destined to be something exceptional.



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