Suburban Radio – We All Deserve to be Free – Single Review

While listening to Suburban Radio’s latest Punk offering, I couldn’t help but notice a striking similarity to the early Ramones records, I’m sure the lads would take this as a compliment as the Ramones are noted as one of their influences on their Facebook.

But these aren’t a band that listen to the early Punk records as a hobby, from the fast paced nature to the Political nature of their lyrics, this is a band that take Punk seriously and not only as a genre and as a tradition, and while it might not be the most original work I’ve heard this year, who said Punk was about originality anyway?

The song itself is an extremely catchy one, and it must strike as an early contender for catchiest chorus of the year by a local band, its no surprise that the band see it as the Mantra of their set and its quite obviously a highlight for the fans as well.

In a way like the great Punk bands they see themselves as a band for the people, we would all like to live our lives in our own way, go by our own rules and make our own decisions, and if ‘We All Deserve to be Free’ is as much a statement as it is a song then its quite obviously a statement of intent!



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