The Assist – In Your Ear – Single Review

Being labelled as the ‘next big thing’ these days can be a bit like a half price sticker in a supermarket, it can be less of a blessing but more of a warning. It might be too soon to give this tag to Walsall’s ‘The Assist’, but its definitely one step up rather then two steps back. The band have supported the likes of The 1975 and The Happy Mondays, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the band support even bigger names by the end of the year.
It maybe easy to guess who the bands influences are, but it’s hard to guess who the band would listen too prominently, the influence sounds like it ranges from mid 60s Garage Rock to modern day quirky indie like Jamie T, The Fratellis and early Arctic Monkeys. The intro riff is very comparable to the modern day bands mentioned, it’s an incredibly catchy riff that mixes well with the vocals. The song on a whole is both very catchy and very enjoyable and it leaves a lasting impression.
This isn’t your run of the mill indie band with catchy riffs and observant lyrics, this is a band moving up a level that their contemporaries couldn’t even reach with a metaphorical step ladder.
With a lot of bands you can listen to a track and forget about it later on in the day, However I find that this song gets better every time I listen to it.
Tom K

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