Pale Waves – The Tide

You might think you’ve heard everything that indie music has to offer, but when you listen to the new track from Pale Waves you’ll be proven wrong.

The Tide is instantly my new favourite song. Not only does it get you singing along almost straight away, but this track carries a real feel-good sound that leaves the song lingering on your lips for some time. The main aspect of this band that singles them out from the rest is vocalist Heather Baron-Gracie, who delivers each line with passion and a sound that when combined with the electrifying echo of the guitar, provides Pale Waves with a sure fire winner. A short breakdown in the middle of the song momentarily takes listeners to an eerie new level, leaving the guitar to paint a misty picture from somewhere deep within its core, yet gradually building the song back up to where listeners were originally left hanging on. A similarity could possibly be drawn between the four piece and The 1975, although there’s something about this band that really sets them aside from anything else I’ve heard.

It’s hard to explain how you know that a band have got something special just by listening to one track, but that is exactly how you’re left feeling as the final chords play. The Tide is definitely the start of a long list of high quality tracks that’s sure to come from Pale Waves. Personally, I can’t wait to hear them.



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