Moral Panics @ Sugarmill 13/02/15

The Hinds, Bonsai and Moral Panics – potentially some of the best indie rock bands Stoke has to offer. So I think it’s definitely fair to say the night looked to be pretty impressive, and despite the fact that unfortunately LIVES had to pull out due to illness, the show still went on.

The Hinds have really nailed their sound; a whirlwind of indie rock with a sprinkle of alternative country thrown in there. The result is pretty accomplished and one that appeals to everyone on some level, which made them perfect for opening the night. The mixture of pulsating melodies and the intuition of their material was a nice sight to behold, and you could see what genuine lads they were and that they were having a blast. Seeing their personality shine through made it that bit more personal which really paid off and everyone seemed to enjoy it. At this rate things are only going to continue on the up for The Hinds as they ooze potential and I’m looking forward to seeing what else they have lined up for this year.

It’s safe to say things are looking promising for Bonsai, who were next on. After their recent appearance on BBC Introducing from Stoke it seems that the spotlight has finally turned to the local 4 piece. They exerted just the right portion of classic indie rock influences and also drive as they stormed through their set, and the vocals held a nice edge that complimented the whole vibe they had going on. There’s something charming about their presence on stage, and their cover of Kings of Leon’s ‘Use Somebody’ promoted a frenzied stir within the crowd and everyone seemed to be in their element belting it out. As they finished they left behind a buzz of excitement and a spark of potential, and with a gig at the Underground next month I’d definitely suggest you get yourselves down there and check them out.

Moral Panics are always a band that is eagerly awaited for with their home shows at the Sugarmill. After an eventful past year being on tour around the UK and with the success of their EP ‘Wlvs’, it’s fair to say they have earnt their renowned place in local music. Having been to a fair few shows of theirs over the past year, the progression they have made is impressive. They possess the perfect amount of eccentricity, and with that comes the effortless cool quality that they are known so well for. The fast drumming and quirky riffs produce a Foal-esc sound which is constant throughout their set, and everyone seems to love it. And who can blame them? There’s nothing more exhilarating than hearing that hooking sound that many of us have grown to love. Despite the energetic and rhythmic pulse to their tracks it’s also worth appreciating the lyrical work that has gone into them which rounds them off to be something so alluring and meaningful. ‘February’ unleashed a state of madness into the crowd yet they also balanced this energy with more calming tracks, although it has to be said this didn’t stop the crowd from going mental at every opportunity. Moral Panics are a prime example of a band that always brings something new to the table and they have definitely grabbed everyone’s attention. With a Manchester show on the horizon it’s inspiring to see local talent go on to such impressive things and this is only the start.



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