Ryan Evans – Amongt the Masses

From the first fifteen seconds of this brand new track from Ryan Evans, it’s clear that Amongst The Masses is a song for all fans of indie rock. One of my favourite parts about this song is the slight pause before the chorus, which holds you in the verse for just a second longer. From the guitar in the verses, it’s obvious that the chorus will pick you up and drop you in a nostalgic wave of indie inspired rock – and of course, it does. The bridge brings a whole new dimension to the song, yet still carries the rising feeling felt in the previous verses. Whether this was intentional or not, Evans has built the song up ready to be dropped instantly in the chorus. Simply put, the chorus is a big deal and I love it. Every bit of this song is strong, and has obviously been planned and thought out down to the last detail. Vocals from Evans are just as striking as the song itself. Yes, they carry the sound expected from an indie artist, but Ryan Evans manages to bring something new to the table.

This is definitely a song to blast in the summer sun, with friends or on a long drive out. For now though, it will have you dreaming of warmer weather and pressing repeat on this great track.


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