The Blue Collars – Cheater 

The opening moments of The Blue Collars latest song reminds me both of early noughties Indie and late 70s Punk….Why? The call and response Guitar intro, very reminiscent of the early Razorlight and The Libertines for more modern day listeners and yet it might bring back the Nostalgic feel of the early Clash records for the older listener with hints of Television put in for good measure.
However something that both sets of listeners will relate too is the swaggering vocals given to us by frontman Rob Morris, while Liam Gallagher is the obvious comparison, one can also tell a striking resemblance to the likes of Johnny Rotten and Henry Rollins.

The Track itself is a catchy one with a belter of a chorus, the more you listen to it the more you realise why The Blue Collars are fast becoming one of the strongest bands in the area.  

The band’s next stop is The Sugarmill on the 4th of April, if all Blue Collars fans enjoy the record as much as I have then I’m absolutely confident that it’s going to be anthem for all Blue Collars fans for ages! 

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