Two Type Error @ The Exchange 28/02/15

Easily one of the busiest gigs i’ve been this year was Exchange on Saturday night. No wonder it was sold out with Thieves Asylum, Tempest, Divine Youth and Two Type Error on the line up.

What a band to kick the night off, Hype Chart No.1’s – Thieves Asylum. There was no loss of momentum with the cocky confidence of debut single, Kataplut. It’s been released roughly a month now and still gets my feet taping. The swagger of the song fits perfect with the indie swagger of the band. I love the mysterious dark sound of Thieves Asylum. The set for their second gig pushes Thieves Asylum down the path where music speaks for itself. When they put their brash heavy sound on Chemical Brothers tune, Galvanize we hear a surprising rap from Alex, backed with the stomping, twinkle consolidating build up; this just gives away the talent and technically capability all four members have.  The initial blueprint for these guys was the laddish indie rock sound however they have now stretched into this intriguing, experimental, confident band who are gradually dipping their toes into the pool of success.

It was my first encounter watching three piece Tempest, originally from Stoke but now based in Manchester they take on the alternative indie sound. They have that fashionable sound, addictive punchy beat, charming guitar riffs and the intense bass line. It sounds a nice underlay that can and has been experimented with if you check them out on Soundcloud. Live, they have this uplifting sprit where they get lost in the melodies and seem like genuine music lovers. The crowd were left wanting more as an uproar of, ‘we want more’ exploded, Stoke can’t wait for them to play again.

Divine Youth, the main support are again genuinely lovely guys with an honest passion for music. Whether they choose the name from the Manic Street Preachers ballad-like tune or not, they sound completely opposite. Except the fact Dan has a superb vocal as well as James Bradfield. It was a spice up from the past bands with the melodic scream paired with brother Mike then topped with aggressive beats and bass. The image, as much as bands don’t try, these don’t have to, they look good and as a bonus they match their sound. A sound which is going to shake the unsigned music scene up a bit.

As educated by a fellow music lover Tom Machin, Two Type Error, the headliners, are the remains of indie rock band Cooper Temple Clause. They were once describes as Oasis meets Radiohead, after watching them performance and listening to them Saturday night, it’s for certain these lads have grown up. It’s the hard hitting energy that wakes you up to good music, which is what we need nowadays. Each tune has its own original stamp, whether typical indie, bouncing indie pop or the grunge gritty alt rock. Two Type Error shouldn’t leave it too long to come back to Stoke, excellent live performance.

If the performances from all bands and atmosphere from the first step into the door didn’t intrigue you, you don’t know what good music is.



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