We Few – Push 

Opening with a short build up lead by a rough, grungey guitar riff, Push is in no way a song you’d sit and listen to whilst relaxing by the fire. It’s a head banger and a crowd pleaser.

Striking the song, and ultimately giving it a punch of something different, are the vocals. Although not the lead instrument in this track, they give the song different levels and dimensions making Push sound busy and loud. Naturally the guitar pulls you through this track, with the bass and the power of the kick drum providing footing for everything else to fall into place. I’m a massive fan of guitar riffs, and this song did not disappoint. Featuring at the end, the guitar sounds as though it’s a caged animal waiting for the moment it’s released into the wild. Short but sweet, combined with the sudden change in tempo, it’s a fantastic way to end a great track. 

Clearly this is yet another band that know how to utilise the talent of each member and throw that into a song. Push is the next song you’ll be air guitaring to and We Few should definitely be the next band you should see live – just to see them play this fantastic track. 



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