True English Gents @ The Underground 06/03/15

You know the evenings going to be something special when tickets completely sell out and the Underground on friday night was no exception – I haven’t seen it that crowded in a long time.

First on was trio Billy Zero who erupted onto the scene with their fast paced impulsive tracks, completely overcoming the nerves of being first on. Their sound is one that can only be described as classic, nostalgic pop punk and in particular their track ‘Man Overboard’ really set the benchmark for the night, with a delicate intro launching into 2 and a half minutes of rapid gold. I’d definitely recommend having a listen, especially as it’s free to download. What else is there to say? They were a perfect opening to the night.

This was Interlinked’s first gig at the Underground, but they dived straight in regardless. The set  was fuelled with heavy rock melodies and their commanding stage presence completed the whole image perfectly. The unrestrained yet gratifying tones of the vocals in contrast with the bold and sharp screams created a faultless balance which made the impact even more striking and really lit a fuse into the packed room. There was nothing to fault – the play of their new intro prompted a fervent reaction with fans both old and new and they really put their mark on the Underground, and hopefully soon they’ll be back for more.

Tribes Of Tauricide dished out a hearty share of hardcore metal out for what was their debut gig as a band. And a debut that alongside the other bands completely sold out – that alone is pretty impressive and something to be proud of. They took this opportunity to the full and exerted the performance with big sounds that equalled their enthusiasm. The set was heavy, hectic and high-powered and sent everyone crazy; watching them on stage you’d think they had been doing this for a whole lot longer than they actually have. The definite highlight was their cover of Limp Bizkit’s ‘Break Stuff’, which included some impressive rapping and an intense breakdown that erupted the crowd into a unison of jumping and shoving; the atmosphere was truly electric. If their next gig matches the exuberance of this one, you are all in for a treat.

Over the past year, headliners True English Gents have become well known for shaking things up a bit with their bold and brash punk rock persona, and their EP launch has been highly anticipated for a while with only a few songs being showcased at previous gigs. For me, the one box they always tick is having the ability to put on a show that gets everyone joining in and hyped up – and I mean everyone. From the outset the energy is turned up to the max and it never faltered throughout their set. The turnout was impressive and after the colossal impact at their previous gig at the Sugarmill they even slipped in their cover of Jamie T’s Zombie, alongside some classic True English Gents tracks which ensured many people in the crowd came out battered and bruised, but ecstatic nevertheless. New tracks such as ‘Broken Cigarette’, which is available on Sound Cloud, really highlighted the amount of work they’ve put into this EP; the sound is more experienced and cultivated than their older stuff and the crowd loved it, especially as free copies of the EP were thrown into the mass of sweaty fans. They’ve definitely come far in this past year – now it’s their chance to stamp their mark on local music in a true rock n roll fashion.



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