Likelions – LKLNS – EP Review

Likelions are a Midlands based Noisecore band (it says so on their bandcamp), a promising prospect for the local scene indeed. However, they have managed to nail a couple of gigs in New York, so with their tour plans the two piece band are pretty set on what they deliver and where they deliver it.

The LKLNS EP set off nicely into soft guitar strumming with Nicky Ferris Wheel, which eventually builds throughout. Near halfway though the song kicks in, making it a brief yet action packed introduction to the EP. Strawberry Lightbulb picks up, with the addition of vocals. This song emphasizes the experimental direction this band have, with a very grunge feel to this song. It’s a very nice listen though, just like the first song.

Kelly offers the nice build ups and guitar playing that this EP gave to me so far giving the EP something quite sensitive. Koba will wake you up after Kelly fades out, with great riff and the drums building up. The riff is a happy and distorted. The progression remains quick and unexpected at the first listen, with Koba standing out in my opinion. The last song is The Scene, it’s the longest song on the EP by 1 second. The Scene lacks what the rest of EP has instrumentally, but it makes you focus on the song lyrically, this song unlike the rest however carries you through to the very end of the EP

I found LKLNS EP very interesting, Noisecore is the perfect summary of this. Even though bands like Converge and any band from the grunge era to have a cult following, I think you would need to like bands like that to have a proper grasp of Likelions. I enjoyed the EP, with Koba being the highlight of it in my eyes. It’s heavily distorted and quite addictive, I hope they can nail this stuff live with their upcoming Stafford and New York dates.



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