Delamere – Bright Young Things – EP Review.

As far as the local(and arguably more Worldwide) indie music scene goes, it can be pigeon holed into many different sub-genres, Delamere are definitely a band that appeal to the more intelligent(almost Hipster) type of Iindie follower, their 3 track E.P is a fine example of their enjoyable brand of electronic indie.
Opening up with the brilliant and very Foals influenced title track ‘Bright Young Things’, this opening atmospheric track is an excellent example of the talent that lies within the band and it promises for an excellent EP.
Second track ‘Regress’ carries on with the theme of the first track, an excellent rhythm section complimented by atmospheric vocals. Its gives you another example that the band are not only a force in the studio but with its atmospheric groove it proves that the bands can also a force on stage as well.
The third and final track is easily the most chilled out record on the EP and although it takes nearly a minute to kick in, your patience is duly rewarded and with it being the final track on the EP it ends up having the final say yet it leaves the most obvious lasting impression of any song on the record!
E.P’s only last 3 or 4 songs, but with the strength of the songs of here you kind of hoped that the EP would carry on to something to would go towards the LP format. It’s an excellent collection of songs, it’s no doubt that Delamere are not one of the most talented bands the area, but arguably also the best!
Tom K

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