Parisian Youth Culture – Drought – Single Review

Parisian Youth Culture are certainly not in a drought as the name of their new single may suggest, in fact it’s quite the opposite. I’d say it’s more of abundance of pure indie rock genius.

Straight away the rippling sounds of the suspenseful intro crash down, before the delicate tune of the guitar that repeats throughout the verses launches into action, adding a soft touch to the track. Not long after, the climatic chorus provides an explosion of sound with classic indie riffs and a hearty drum beat. The lyrics “I’m on my way” echo through, latching the tune straight into your head right before the next verse kicks in. The intertwining of the soothing and thrilling elements create the perfect recipe for a memorable and nostalgic indie rock track that sends you on a roller coaster ride driven by emotion and flare.

Everything about ‘Drought’ is spot on, even down to the singles artwork that I was really impressed by. Their image is polished and professional and the attention to detail is demonstrated through the eloquent material they produce.

Parisian Youth Culture are playing on the main stage at the Lymelight Festival in Newcastle Under Lyme on 4th May so have a listen, either on their SoundCloud or Spotify, and get yourselves down there – you won’t be disappointed.



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