The Manalishi – Alive – Single Review

When listening to the opening seconds of The Manalishi’s first single, you could easily presume that these 4 lads were influenced by early Guns n Roses, even Manic Street Preachers territory under Richy Edwards, however when the vocals come in it’s plainly obvious that these 4 lads have a little more to them than that. First and foremost these are a rock and roll band, not a band influenced by one particular brand of music, they are a combination of each of the members personal influences combined together in one music blender! In lead singer Josh an early Liam Gallagher esque vocal with a Noel sense of melody, in lead guitarist Jovi a man influenced by late 80s classic rock, in bass player Ross a melodic bass player who counts the likes of Flea as one of his main influences and Jack a hard hitting drummer whose liking for Bonham and Grohl comes as no surprise. These characteristics make ‘Alive’ a splendid opening example of the bands style of music!
Its obvious this band have a lot of talent and this debut single ‘Alive’ suggests that, however it’s clearly obvious that the band is still in its baby stage, and these lads have to take their first steps before they can walk, and with tunes like this they could could be running very soon!
Tom K

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