The Taskers – Smear – Track Review

Opening with a gritty punch of solo guitar, Smear, taken from The Taskers upcoming album Pleasure Point, provides you with a small glimpse of what’s to come. And it looks pretty good if you ask me. With every verse built upon a foundation of raw and jagged bursts of guitar that rise and fall with every corner, Smear hits you head first with anger and passion. Something that really has to be noted is the positioning of the guitars within this first verse. How something so small can add so much to a song is certainly a question you will find yourself asking, when listening to this killer track. The chorus carries a similar feel to what has been laid out before it, but brings so much more. Supported by the eery backing sung behind the melody, the chorus confirms the brilliance of this song – in case you haven’t realised that by this point. A short interval pours even more grit into the Smear mixture, before rounding the three and a half minute song off with just as much, if not even more, power and rage as it began with.

The Taskers have always known how to deliver a solid and well-rounded piece of music to our ears, but they might have just raised their own bar with Smear. Could they possibly raise it anymore? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. By the sounds of it, the only way is up for The Taskers.

Em Jones


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