I’m Your Man – Malthouse – Single Review.

No, this isn’t an Indie cover of the Wham tune, this is the latest effort from Malthouse who have grown in stature during the last few months with their unique brand of the 60s influenced Soul Pop.
Ever since the band formed in late 2013 they have become one of the most underrated yet acclaimed bands in the area, this is probably due to the fact that they are doing something different. They could easily play it safe and go for Arctic Monkeys or Noel Gallagher influenced rock, or go for something like the quintessential hipster would and go for Foals. But no… They have gone for something different, they have gone retro but not down the same route everyone else goes, instead they have gone a different direction. Every band aspires to end up in the same place but some have different ways to get there, Malthouse are that sort of band!
The new track ‘I’m your Man’ is their newest single and possibly the best thing they have released in my opinion since ‘Lay me Down’ which was released around a year ago. If its comparable to anything modern day think ‘Mad Sounds’ on AM, but that still isn’t doing this track justice.
I listen to this and I think to myself ‘I’ve heard this song before,’ but I haven’t. It’s the quality of Malthouse that they can write a song that gives me a nostalgic feel, It’s an underrated characteristic that not many bands can pull them and to their credit they do it superbly!

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