Moral Panics – Mammoths – Single Review

Moral Panics are more than just 4 local lads making music together; they are a force to be reckoned with so it’s not surprising that they’ve nailed it once again with their new single ‘Mammoths’ from their upcoming EP ‘Ataraxia’. With a recent replacement in the band it’s been eagerly awaited to see if they would still hold that same magic we all know and love, and ‘Mammoths’ see’s them manage to keep their signature sound but somehow still kick it up yet another notch. After witnessing Moral Panics headline just the other week at The Underground it’s unmistakably clear that this band are still going onwards and upwards even after the success of their previous EP ‘Wlvs’.

The track launches you straight into Dan’s euphonious vocal over a timeless indie riff, which progresses with the buoyant drumming that characterises their sound down to a tee. The chorus is pretty monumental with a release of energy that hooks you immediately. Live Moral Panics completely captivate the crowd, and on record it’s no different. Before I’ve compared their sound to that of Foals, but this track seems almost slightly heavier and holds something else in there that makes it utterly brilliant. Without a doubt these lads are one of the best local live bands you’ll see and luckily the release show for ‘Ataraxia’ is just around the corner on 8th May at The Sugarmill so I’d definitely get yourselves down there to witness it.

This single definitely show’s that this EP is looking to be bigger and better than anything else they’ve produced and once again they’ve somehow managed to fire out something great in what feels like no time at all.



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