Logical Drama – Siberia 

Any decent human being would look forward to new music. Unfortunately, I’m not a decent human being. In the case of local atmospheric six-piece Logical Drama; I’m doubly hesitant, because every single track I’ve reviewed, I’ve found to be faultless. And so I’m agonisingly awaiting the day that this chain of perfection sadly ends.

Has that day arrived? Thankfully, no, no it hasn’t. 

In all honesty, my expectations for the new single ‘Siberia’ were all the more inflated with the arrival of a fresh vocal influence in the form of Joel Hughes. And without discrediting previous works, I definitely detected the new-found dynamism the change has offered. Vocally evolving from a melancholic drone to a tuneful anguish. 

As you’d expect, ‘Siberia’ bears all the classic characteristics of a Logical Drama single; of course you have those wrenching guitars, of course you have that grovelling bass and of course you have those ominous strings. But this track is distinctive in that no other Logical Drama song has engulfed me in sound as immeasurably as ‘Siberia.’ I could probably sit here all day and throw out synonyms for ‘dark’ or ‘dread’ and it’d most likely describe ‘Siberia’ in a general sense, but that’d just demean the music itself because there are a collection of instances in this track where Logical Drama just truly clinch you. The initial slow and icy violin, an abundance of piercing sound effects thrown into the background, and not to mention that delightful tempo change just after the minute mark that overthrows the entire mood of the track.

I’m not all that fond of music that’s comfortable, or puts me in a position of ease. I think that’s why Logical Drama sits so well with me – it’s detached, callous and evocative. They aren’t making jogging music here; they’re making music the way it should be made, to be sat down and listened to. You either completely embrace it, or completely misunderstand it… and I know which side I’m on.

It’d be banal and predictable journalism if I said this single is the symbol of a band establishing its sound, but I don’t think it is at all. I think Logical Drama will almost certainly advance their sound further, and will get even better. 

Please never stop making music. 



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