Bonsai @ Sugarmill

Saturday night at The Sugarmill, it’s very rare I can say I felt the youngest there but I did. It was genuinely an amazing night full of great talent.

The Taskers opened the show. They released their latest album last month called Pleasure Point. Listening to the recordings you can hear the variation of sounds and themes, live the album tracks are even better. Every little layer is performed in 100% effort by all three members. Listening to Undone is a lot different to watching it. To actually see all the dancey beats, shimmering cymbals, tinkering keys and simple vocals live it brings all those Logic Pro loops to life. Smear is a Radicals Rising favourite, characterised by Band of Skulls-like lightning riffs and choruses that could trigger a catastrophic avalanche. There are songs with cheery breezy riffs, the whole set list touched almost every musician emotional. One of Stoke on Trent underrated live bands.

Thieves Asylum never fail to disappoint. The music and performance has no faults, they have worked hard to get what they’ve got and it’s beginning to pay off. The swift changes from one song to another is unnoticed. Starting with a weighty entry and into, Radicals Rising’s favourite Katapult, combining their heavy beats, monster riffs and the swaggering vocal. Their new tunes already have their trademark stamp built in and can’t wait to hear them again. Despite Joe’s guitar string breaking the band improvised and carried on, if that’s wasn’t an example of professionalism I don’t know what is. They know how to act and play like a band. Spot on, they set the standard high.

With the crowd warmed up, Bonsai were ready for their first headline. It was my first encounter with Bonsai, majority of the band have been in bands before but this time the chemistry between all members on stage is real. Bonsai have clear dynamics between dark and light tones throughout the whole set, as well as the music varying, the stage presence did too. We saw Chris full of excitement kinda like the love child of local bands Rinse and Moscow then we saw his adoring to the acoustic section of the set. Covering Catfish and Bottlemen and Kings of Leon was a good idea, it got the crowd going and singing back, it won’t be long till people are singing Ned lyrics or Houdini lyrics back at the band.


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