Regale @ JJM Studio

After travelling 30 plus miles down the road, Stoke to Walsall, Ryan Jarvis, Pleasure House and Regale made the boring m6 drive worth it! JJM Studios is a great intimate, alternative venue, definitely a venue to check out.

Singer/songwriter Ryan Jarvis kicked the night off with already the impact room pretty packed. Being from Manchester Ryan could easily get stuck in the Gallagher/Fray musical circle but safe to say Ryan isn’t going round and around he’s going one way and that forward. As I walked into JJM Studio’s live room it was amazing to see the support just a young lad from Manchester can get in Walsall. As Ryan smashed through his set he played tunes from his debut EP Outside This Town and it was very clear Ryan loves his Manchester hometown and he’s very much in love. With just him and his catchy guitar riffs it is faultless, I walked out the room humming the melodies.

A band that have easily made my favourite unsigned band list is Pleasure House. What an incredible live band, even with only ¾ of the band present. Alex took on the frontman, rhythm guitar and bass drum role, his thigh and ankle may have been aching but it was totally worth it. The rhythm of all the signature bouncing beats were still there. Walking into the room and witnessing that straight away I knew I was in for a great set. The humour and intelligence of the bands stage presence made the gig more comfortable and entertaining. Pleasure House are a feel good band and evidently put a groove in everyone’s step, especially in JJM studio. The sensitive meanings and dark themes within the lyrics blended with the smooth energetic mesmerising melodies by far baffles my mind how they are so much fun to watch and listen too.

Finally the day had arrived, Regale release their new single Tonight along with their rather raunchy music video. It was totally packed out, you could feel the music shaking through the dance floor then into my body. As always Regale put on an original performance full of plenty of bouncy beats and groove riffs. Playing good old favourites and we even heard some brand new exclusive tunes, the mash up of different genres, booms of bass and the mental dancey vibes were utterly infectious throughout the whole room. Regale sure know how to party and sure know how to have a party on stage.  Whilst dancing and of course Bail cracking out the hilarious yet pathetic jokes the whole band are razor tight and the funky groove have plenty of sharp edges. Regale smashed their single launch and should be treasured within their hometown for sense of innovation and bringing the biggest party to JJM Studio.



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