We Few @ Sugarmill 

A night full of dirty rock and roll. 

Still fresh as a daisy in the Stoke on Trent music scene The Manalishi opened the night with an incredible set, the best I’ve seen them yet! The setlist as full of original tunes that could maybe be anthems for the new generation of local bands. The song writing structure from front guy, Josh Alcock askes a series of inside questions like; who is mummy’s little hooligan? So many layers of each song come together to make a gripping unique sound. So High has slowly become my favourite and they started with it, I was a little fan girly when I heard that starting riff. It’s got this quirky 60s pop influence and howls an influence from The Beatles which conflicts with their debut single which they ended with, Alive as that howls a Rolling Stones influence (especially with jagger legs on bass). Out of the Blue again another ace track, it added some funky bass and we heard more of the gravelly vocal from Josh. A hard working intelligent modern rock band with challenging melodies, they will make a big footprint in the local scene, as they walk off stage with the audience screaming ‘encore’. What more can the four piece offer? 

Dirty Rotten Souls never disappointment, I have ran out of compliments for this band. The technique of this band is mesmerising, so mesmerising it makes you wonder how just three men can make this sound and create so much intelligence in the tracks. Still Dirty Rotten Souls play there good old favourites from the beginning in their set. Everytime they have a new element and just show how much better they can be, they won’t stop being excellent till they end (which I hope isn’t soon). The performance was full of swag and melodic weighty rhythms stirred with the confident enjoyment of every member. Seeing a smile on stage makes it all the more better to enjoy. I bet she’s filthy from their EP is full of driven passion to be brilliant, making me yet again speechless. Another hard working band making their stamp clean and shiny for new people to find. 

Wow, just wow. Money For Rope delivered enough hype and energy to supply me for a month or two. From Melbourne they sure are energetic bunch, more interesting, from Holland to Stoke on Trent in one night, that’s pretty impressive! They were full of rock and roll layers with jazzy grooves and psych madness. You haven’t heard rhythm so intense until you have seen Money for Rope. They had two drummers and introduced a saxophone during some tracks. The attention to detail has taken passion and determination to make perfect it’s intriguing. I have nothing to compare to these lads but what is created was admired by the whole of The Sugarmill, the desire to explore bizarre sounds is what makes them so entertaining. 

What an excellent night for We Few’s headline, amazing support, cracking set and Tom had his hair cut. “We few, we happy few, we band of brothers” there is no other better slogan for this band. Their aggressive beats and arrogant performance is what the audience adored. An erupt of screams and appreciation exploded after every tune, which they truly deserved. Every track to their debut single Push, these lads are perfectionists and spot on every time. The dirty feel of the music makes you want to get involved even the lyrics are catchy and as they ended their set their melodies were eating me alive. We Few have got it all, the rock and roll look, attitude and music. One to watch for 2015.


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