Lazy Eye – First Thing Tomorrow EP Review

Having listened to a few of Lazy Eye’s records I had an idea of what I’d expect, however I’ve proven myself the true definition of the word philistine as Scott and the lads keep on surprising their public, front man Scott Powell seems to have found a new lease of life, true the Miles Kane/Kinks influences are still there but there is a sense that the band are moving towards more eclectic tastes!
First song Katie Jones starts off like a mod revival record with its ambient subway sounding build up however it comes across more indie pop then mod rock something I’ve been critical of with most local bands, it  includes name checks such as Carly Simon and Carole King. Katie Jones is a fine way to start an already promising E.P.
Rich Man improves on the promising start, from the first 30 seconds it sounds like the best thing the band have ever done and hearing it 2 or 3 times more I cannot see my opinion changing.
Killer Ooh is a track most fans will already be familiar with, this was early implication of the bands change of style, Killer Ooh is not too dissimilar from the previous two songs adding to the all round vibe of an impressive EP.
Its obvious that Lazy Eye have progressed from Miles Kane influenced Rock and roll to an all round British sound. Its sounds to me like Ray Davies and Parklife era Blur might have been an influence in the songwriting process. While early tracks like ‘Get, Get, Get’ give the implication that the band had such started walking in songwriting terms its tracks like the ones on this E.P prove that this band can run with the best of them.

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