Pacific – Those Nights

‘Those Nights’, the brand new single from Pacific, is guaranteed to be your summer anthem for 2015. 

If you thought they couldn’t build on ‘Time To Forget’, you were very clearly mistaken. Everything about this song, whether it’s the soft choral tones of the piano that define Pacific’s sound so brilliantly, or the nostalgic aftertaste that this track emits, will leave you feeling entirely refreshed. 

Very rarely do you hear a track where every single component fits into place as well as ‘Those Nights’ demonstrates, and that’s the something that will take this band to where they belong – at the top. And rightly so. Anthony Orzels vocals pour gallons of nostalgia into a well structured, well built and well delivered example of pop and rock at its best. 

Everyone should download this song instantly. Not just to show support to a visibly passionate and extremely promising band, but because Pacific are going places. 

Let ‘Those Nights’ be the song of your summer.

Em Jones 


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