Ryan Dooley – The Beach 

Coming from a band and pursuing a solo project must be incredibly daunting, but Ryan Dooley has stepped up and set the bar high for those that brave the music scene alone. With a successful history with band All The Young, Ryan’s new solo single ‘The Beach’ offers a more gentle acoustic sound. After hearing glowing feedback from his recent home show at The Sugarmill, I was interested to give his new music a listen and I wasn’t disappointed. 

Although we all love an upbeat and feel good song, everyone has a soft spot for a slightly slower track that completely takes you away from everything, no matter what genre you’re into. This is what is so great about ‘The Beach’ as it’s such a lovely, mellow tune it’s hard to resist warming to it. Ryan’s vocals and the gentleness of the guitar in particular bounce off each other so effortlessly that the track sounds so genuine and natural. This special knack seems second nature to Ryan, and the track is executed with such ease it’s really no wonder that his heartfelt solo material is proving to be such a hit.
I can’t urge you enough to spare a few minutes to give this single a listen, especially if you fancy a brief break away from everything, and definitely keep an eye out for Ryan Dooley in the near future.


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