We Few – Everytime I Taste

There seems to be a buzz surrounding local lads We Few, and after having a listen to their second single ‘Every Time I Taste It’ I completely understand why; I haven’t been this excited when listening to new music in a while.

With a raw, almost seductive sound infused with old school rock n roll, it’s a dramatic yet engaging result. The bouncing drumming, groovy bass and gritty vocals provide a suiting build up to the explosion of a chorus. The whole track bursts with energy and intensity and just as the lyrics suggest, this song definitely gets under your skin. The guitar winds its way through the track and really gives you something to get your teeth into, which I can imagine being a right crowd pleaser live.

One special thing about We Few is that they have the assets to appeal to such a wide audience – they have a fresh and cool look with both modern and older influences shaping their sound, making it easy to see something in them that everyone will like. As of yet I haven’t had the chance to see these lads live but it’s going straight on my list of things to do as they are truly making a stand and exploding into local music – keep your eyes peeled.



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