Bonamalis – In The City and Charlie

It’s been a while since I last wrote for Radical’s Rising, and I’m glad to say that I’ve been sent In The City by Bonamalis.

I don’t know nothing about this other than the Oasis vibes I pick up from In The City. The acoustic intro is incredibly upbeat, a fast-paced happy tune that sounds even better when the rest of the instruments are added to the mix, followed by the vocals. The mix is solid and has a crisp sound, nothing sounds too loud over another thing. The electric and acoustic guitars mix together like a Candy Girl Daquiri made by the guys from The Exchange.

A soothing yet happy track, In The City will put anyone in a good mood, especially when you’re driving to Manchester for Krispy Kremes.

You’ve read my review on In The City, right?

Well, Bonamalis have another tune for me to listen to called Charlie. There’s an enlightening feeling to this track, starting off with a quick riff and moulding into a great mix of acoustic and electric guitars that In The City had. Charlie would seem to perform better live with it’s sing along approach. I can’t help but compare them to Oasis, the comparision in this circumstance isn’t a bad thing. The sound is fresh with it’s solid production, and intrumentally and vocally it’s pretty sweet. I hope Bonamalis continue with creating and production as their music gives vibes that they’ve got more under their sleeves.
Matt Clewley.


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