The Sonic Revolvers – Blackstar

The brand new single from Cheshire based four-piece The Sonic Revolvers, arrives at your ears with the promise of making you want to jump about and air guitar a little bit.

Whether it’s the catchy guitar riff in-between verses or the vocal strength of lead singer Darrell Tinsely, ‘Blackstar’ will have you punching the air in triumph – and here’s why. The Sonic Revolvers have created something that is guaranteed to be to everyone’s taste. ‘Blackstar’ isn’t too heavy but is rocky enough to have you jumping, foot stomping, head banging (whatever your preference) your way through every note sang and every chord played. Midway through ‘Blackstar’ the song drops to a very short bass solo, until almost instantly picking the pace back up and hitting you straight in your soul at full throttle. All of the members clearly connect and merge with little effort, and this is shown through the quality of the music they produce. If ‘Blackstar’ leaves you with anything, it’s the lyrics in your head and the urge to see them do it all on stage in front of you.

What stands out is their talent to appreciate and reciprocate modern music. Quite obviously, one of the bands influences is The Manic Street Preachers, but The Sonic Revolvers are by no means a tribute act. In fact The Sonic Revolvers seem to know exactly who they are, and the sound they want to produce. Watch this space. I most definitely will be.


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