Circus Junkie Rebels @ The Zoo in Manchester.

It was only the second Untamed night for Cherry Valentine Promotions at The Zoo in Manchester, and I don’t mean an actually zoo. It was a quiet night but full with dedicated rock and metal fans. The venue was just a couple steps away from Manchester Uni which is suitable for students, students took most of the crowd up.

It was a late start as there were sound difficulties but local lads Circus Junkie Rebels were still raring to go with energy to blow the roof off on a Wednesday evening. It’s nice to see a confident attitude on stage but not in a cocky arrogant way. Since October, which was the last time I saw them have grown maturely in sound and music.

It was hard not to enjoy with the crashing guitar riffs and abrasive rhythm, there was either a nodding head or a foot tapping by everyone in the venue. When the crowd start to gather front guy Dani fed his ego and released his inner actor and Amercian twang but still with the British classic rock melodies. Stick to your Guns stood out for me with the electric riffs, screaming operatic vocal, thundering beats and the lyrics are simple yet brilliantly catchy. I think Venombase should discuss giving the drummer a mic, try them four part harmonies, he never stopped singing.

Excellent set for a Wednesday night guys.



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