The Red Man Festival Kidderminster

It was JM Music Promotions first ever outdoor 2 day festival at The Red Man in Kidderminster. Despite not getting down on the first day I heard some good things about it and saw some fun photos, the bands were class and the sun was out. Sunday the bands were class but the sun wasn’t out. It still didn’t stop the festival; JM Music moved it inside. It was an elegant pub/venue which filled up over time, I turned up just past 6pm and the atmosphere was ecstatic, I walked in too James getting his groove on the DJ and booth and the bands warming up – this is what Sunday evenings are about; good music!

The first band I saw was Swallows, a duo female fronted band. They stripped the set back to acoustic which still flourished their musically talents. One to the important things about been in a band is the image, Swallows have a great image for their music, especially their stage presence, for a young band their confidence was something they should never loose, no matter what. On Facebook their genre is rock, in the stripped back set I couldn’t see the rock genre I saw more of a pop influence, especially with the Amy Winehouse and Jamie T covers. A talented young up and coming unsigned band to look out for.

A band Radicals Rising have been following for a while now but never really seen was Brownhills (Walsall) based indie, rock, three piece, Casual Agenda. It’s that comfy lad-rock sound, lads from shitty towns that can write catchy chorus, not shy of a guitar pedal and write melodies with Gallagher-est attitudes. Peter the frontman loves it, and who wouldn’t love playing quality tunes, the bubbly yet cool arrogance makes Casual Agenda a band you definitely need to check out live and online.

Stand back Ryan Evans and his band hit the stage, the sound is far too powerful for a little pub in Kidderminster, but we all start somewhere. As he kicked the set off with a soulful ‘oooh’ we all knew we were in for a treat. With the new 1950s slick haircut the image of the band has gone more mature than ever to fit the mature melodies. Ryan even does the ‘Van Mcann hair shake’ when songs kick in. The audience interaction wasn’t hard when the audience were loving the band and the anthem sounding melody were irresistible. Keeping the beat together was BB, the energy was electrifying as well as mesmerising to watch, you could even see the reflection of him though the fish eye mirrors on the wall. I’d recommend Ryan and his band to anyone in the music scene and out;

One of the liveliest bands I have seen to this day is Pleasure House, they sure took the boring deco in The Red Man and created it into a party. The hypnotic melody of Blow My Mind caught everyone’s attention to start. The indie pop techniques sure are played with confidence, I tried not too blink during the set just in case I missed something extraordinary. The Tainted Love cover was class. The re-arrangement and creativity payed off to make it their unique guitar pop groove.  A feel good band

I missed The Strike unfortunately but here’s a facebook link to look at

After drinking all day and the gig being nearly 2 hours behind, Regale were still standing and ready to finish the Red Man Festival off. As always the set was full of bouncy beats and raw riffs. When you listen to the lyrics of the many songs Regale have wrote you can tell there have been some broken hearts and awesome nights out. As Lee the keyboardist says “Regale are like the sweet after a curry”, well if you had the Red Man special Jamaican jerk chicken curry I suppose Regale are the sweet. Pulse the new tune, I am loving, the riffs were something out of the box for Regale’s normal sound and it was a little bit more on the heavier side and touching the indie rock genre. The creativity never stops for these lads, what is next?

Let’s hope another event happens again like this with JM music!



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