Introducing Exowaves

An introduction to a brand new band – Exowaves. A lad rock band fitted for the rough and ready scene of indie, rock and roll.
There sound is predicted by their look; black leather jackets, shades, pursed lips and downturned heads. The BRMC, Kasabian and Oasis influences run through Exowaves veins and it creates this purifying, newfound volume for the music scene. 

The first venture out of their local city, Stoke on Trent was to Manchester into the urban village – Printworks. The set was full of excitement, intense choruses, and thunderous melodies. The heat and tension on stage sweated into the audience, which they fed back a positive expression from the applauses and there fixated postures, it was all eyes on Exowaves when they were playing. 

Their debut single is Closest Romantic, from the name you expect some emotions and your right you definitely do. There’s delicate riffs from Si and Adam, menacing beats from Asa and the chilled out attitude from Zak. 

There is no lack of variety or intelligence.



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