Closest Romantic & Side Effects by Exowaves 

New bands are always exciting as you never know what to expect, and Exowaves are treating us with 2 brand new tracks ‘Closest Romantic’ and ‘Side Effects’ to get our teeth into. They describe themselves as futuristic rock n roll, an interesting concept, but one that still works just as well as old school rock n roll nevertheless, and with these two tracks they prove that instantly.
‘Closest Romantic’ from the outset shows that Exowaves are a versatile and multifaceted bunch of lads. The touching lyrics and slower pace make a dreamy combination that I’m sure will touch the hearts of many. For one of their first tracks to be so exposed is a bold move, especially upon reflection of their rock n roll image, but one that was certainly worth making and has paid off without a doubt.
‘Side Effects’ completely contrasts this, kicking it up a notch and unleashing five and a half minutes of hypnotic rock n roll. The intro is gripping and almost tense, luring you into the powerful and brilliant combination of the gritty bass, the haunting riff, the attentive drumming and the consuming vocals that all work so effortlessly together – it’s an impressive result. The addition of the speaking at the end really rounds off the track nicely and adds that extra something which leaves you slightly buzzing even after the song has finished. 
Keep an eye out for Exowaves as the lads have got a few local gigs lined up and are definitely going places – they are full to the brim with potential and style and have the capability to shake things up.



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