Closest Romantic & Side Effects by Exowaves 

New bands are always exciting as you never know what to expect, and Exowaves are treating us with 2 brand new tracks ‘Closest Romantic’ and ‘Side Effects’ to get our teeth into. They describe themselves as futuristic rock n roll, an interesting concept, but one that still works just as well as old school rock n roll nevertheless, and with these two tracks they prove that instantly.
‘Closest Romantic’ from the outset shows that Exowaves are a versatile and multifaceted bunch of lads. The touching lyrics and slower pace make a dreamy combination that I’m sure will touch the hearts of many. For one of their first tracks to be so exposed is a bold move, especially upon reflection of their rock n roll image, but one that was certainly worth making and has paid off without a doubt.
‘Side Effects’ completely contrasts this, kicking it up a notch and unleashing five and a half minutes of hypnotic rock n roll. The intro is gripping and almost tense, luring you into the powerful and brilliant combination of the gritty bass, the haunting riff, the attentive drumming and the consuming vocals that all work so effortlessly together – it’s an impressive result. The addition of the speaking at the end really rounds off the track nicely and adds that extra something which leaves you slightly buzzing even after the song has finished. 
Keep an eye out for Exowaves as the lads have got a few local gigs lined up and are definitely going places – they are full to the brim with potential and style and have the capability to shake things up.



Introducing Exowaves

An introduction to a brand new band – Exowaves. A lad rock band fitted for the rough and ready scene of indie, rock and roll.
There sound is predicted by their look; black leather jackets, shades, pursed lips and downturned heads. The BRMC, Kasabian and Oasis influences run through Exowaves veins and it creates this purifying, newfound volume for the music scene. 

The first venture out of their local city, Stoke on Trent was to Manchester into the urban village – Printworks. The set was full of excitement, intense choruses, and thunderous melodies. The heat and tension on stage sweated into the audience, which they fed back a positive expression from the applauses and there fixated postures, it was all eyes on Exowaves when they were playing. 

Their debut single is Closest Romantic, from the name you expect some emotions and your right you definitely do. There’s delicate riffs from Si and Adam, menacing beats from Asa and the chilled out attitude from Zak. 

There is no lack of variety or intelligence.


Circus Junkie Rebels @ The Zoo in Manchester.

It was only the second Untamed night for Cherry Valentine Promotions at The Zoo in Manchester, and I don’t mean an actually zoo. It was a quiet night but full with dedicated rock and metal fans. The venue was just a couple steps away from Manchester Uni which is suitable for students, students took most of the crowd up.

It was a late start as there were sound difficulties but local lads Circus Junkie Rebels were still raring to go with energy to blow the roof off on a Wednesday evening. It’s nice to see a confident attitude on stage but not in a cocky arrogant way. Since October, which was the last time I saw them have grown maturely in sound and music.

It was hard not to enjoy with the crashing guitar riffs and abrasive rhythm, there was either a nodding head or a foot tapping by everyone in the venue. When the crowd start to gather front guy Dani fed his ego and released his inner actor and Amercian twang but still with the British classic rock melodies. Stick to your Guns stood out for me with the electric riffs, screaming operatic vocal, thundering beats and the lyrics are simple yet brilliantly catchy. I think Venombase should discuss giving the drummer a mic, try them four part harmonies, he never stopped singing.

Excellent set for a Wednesday night guys.


The Red Man Festival Kidderminster

It was JM Music Promotions first ever outdoor 2 day festival at The Red Man in Kidderminster. Despite not getting down on the first day I heard some good things about it and saw some fun photos, the bands were class and the sun was out. Sunday the bands were class but the sun wasn’t out. It still didn’t stop the festival; JM Music moved it inside. It was an elegant pub/venue which filled up over time, I turned up just past 6pm and the atmosphere was ecstatic, I walked in too James getting his groove on the DJ and booth and the bands warming up – this is what Sunday evenings are about; good music!

The first band I saw was Swallows, a duo female fronted band. They stripped the set back to acoustic which still flourished their musically talents. One to the important things about been in a band is the image, Swallows have a great image for their music, especially their stage presence, for a young band their confidence was something they should never loose, no matter what. On Facebook their genre is rock, in the stripped back set I couldn’t see the rock genre I saw more of a pop influence, especially with the Amy Winehouse and Jamie T covers. A talented young up and coming unsigned band to look out for.

A band Radicals Rising have been following for a while now but never really seen was Brownhills (Walsall) based indie, rock, three piece, Casual Agenda. It’s that comfy lad-rock sound, lads from shitty towns that can write catchy chorus, not shy of a guitar pedal and write melodies with Gallagher-est attitudes. Peter the frontman loves it, and who wouldn’t love playing quality tunes, the bubbly yet cool arrogance makes Casual Agenda a band you definitely need to check out live and online.

Stand back Ryan Evans and his band hit the stage, the sound is far too powerful for a little pub in Kidderminster, but we all start somewhere. As he kicked the set off with a soulful ‘oooh’ we all knew we were in for a treat. With the new 1950s slick haircut the image of the band has gone more mature than ever to fit the mature melodies. Ryan even does the ‘Van Mcann hair shake’ when songs kick in. The audience interaction wasn’t hard when the audience were loving the band and the anthem sounding melody were irresistible. Keeping the beat together was BB, the energy was electrifying as well as mesmerising to watch, you could even see the reflection of him though the fish eye mirrors on the wall. I’d recommend Ryan and his band to anyone in the music scene and out;

One of the liveliest bands I have seen to this day is Pleasure House, they sure took the boring deco in The Red Man and created it into a party. The hypnotic melody of Blow My Mind caught everyone’s attention to start. The indie pop techniques sure are played with confidence, I tried not too blink during the set just in case I missed something extraordinary. The Tainted Love cover was class. The re-arrangement and creativity payed off to make it their unique guitar pop groove.  A feel good band

I missed The Strike unfortunately but here’s a facebook link to look at

After drinking all day and the gig being nearly 2 hours behind, Regale were still standing and ready to finish the Red Man Festival off. As always the set was full of bouncy beats and raw riffs. When you listen to the lyrics of the many songs Regale have wrote you can tell there have been some broken hearts and awesome nights out. As Lee the keyboardist says “Regale are like the sweet after a curry”, well if you had the Red Man special Jamaican jerk chicken curry I suppose Regale are the sweet. Pulse the new tune, I am loving, the riffs were something out of the box for Regale’s normal sound and it was a little bit more on the heavier side and touching the indie rock genre. The creativity never stops for these lads, what is next?

Let’s hope another event happens again like this with JM music!


The Sonic Revolvers – Blackstar

The brand new single from Cheshire based four-piece The Sonic Revolvers, arrives at your ears with the promise of making you want to jump about and air guitar a little bit.

Whether it’s the catchy guitar riff in-between verses or the vocal strength of lead singer Darrell Tinsely, ‘Blackstar’ will have you punching the air in triumph – and here’s why. The Sonic Revolvers have created something that is guaranteed to be to everyone’s taste. ‘Blackstar’ isn’t too heavy but is rocky enough to have you jumping, foot stomping, head banging (whatever your preference) your way through every note sang and every chord played. Midway through ‘Blackstar’ the song drops to a very short bass solo, until almost instantly picking the pace back up and hitting you straight in your soul at full throttle. All of the members clearly connect and merge with little effort, and this is shown through the quality of the music they produce. If ‘Blackstar’ leaves you with anything, it’s the lyrics in your head and the urge to see them do it all on stage in front of you.

What stands out is their talent to appreciate and reciprocate modern music. Quite obviously, one of the bands influences is The Manic Street Preachers, but The Sonic Revolvers are by no means a tribute act. In fact The Sonic Revolvers seem to know exactly who they are, and the sound they want to produce. Watch this space. I most definitely will be.

Bonamalis – In The City and Charlie

It’s been a while since I last wrote for Radical’s Rising, and I’m glad to say that I’ve been sent In The City by Bonamalis.

I don’t know nothing about this other than the Oasis vibes I pick up from In The City. The acoustic intro is incredibly upbeat, a fast-paced happy tune that sounds even better when the rest of the instruments are added to the mix, followed by the vocals. The mix is solid and has a crisp sound, nothing sounds too loud over another thing. The electric and acoustic guitars mix together like a Candy Girl Daquiri made by the guys from The Exchange.

A soothing yet happy track, In The City will put anyone in a good mood, especially when you’re driving to Manchester for Krispy Kremes.

You’ve read my review on In The City, right?

Well, Bonamalis have another tune for me to listen to called Charlie. There’s an enlightening feeling to this track, starting off with a quick riff and moulding into a great mix of acoustic and electric guitars that In The City had. Charlie would seem to perform better live with it’s sing along approach. I can’t help but compare them to Oasis, the comparision in this circumstance isn’t a bad thing. The sound is fresh with it’s solid production, and intrumentally and vocally it’s pretty sweet. I hope Bonamalis continue with creating and production as their music gives vibes that they’ve got more under their sleeves.
Matt Clewley.

We Few – Everytime I Taste

There seems to be a buzz surrounding local lads We Few, and after having a listen to their second single ‘Every Time I Taste It’ I completely understand why; I haven’t been this excited when listening to new music in a while.

With a raw, almost seductive sound infused with old school rock n roll, it’s a dramatic yet engaging result. The bouncing drumming, groovy bass and gritty vocals provide a suiting build up to the explosion of a chorus. The whole track bursts with energy and intensity and just as the lyrics suggest, this song definitely gets under your skin. The guitar winds its way through the track and really gives you something to get your teeth into, which I can imagine being a right crowd pleaser live.

One special thing about We Few is that they have the assets to appeal to such a wide audience – they have a fresh and cool look with both modern and older influences shaping their sound, making it easy to see something in them that everyone will like. As of yet I haven’t had the chance to see these lads live but it’s going straight on my list of things to do as they are truly making a stand and exploding into local music – keep your eyes peeled.


Ryan Dooley – The Beach 

Coming from a band and pursuing a solo project must be incredibly daunting, but Ryan Dooley has stepped up and set the bar high for those that brave the music scene alone. With a successful history with band All The Young, Ryan’s new solo single ‘The Beach’ offers a more gentle acoustic sound. After hearing glowing feedback from his recent home show at The Sugarmill, I was interested to give his new music a listen and I wasn’t disappointed. 

Although we all love an upbeat and feel good song, everyone has a soft spot for a slightly slower track that completely takes you away from everything, no matter what genre you’re into. This is what is so great about ‘The Beach’ as it’s such a lovely, mellow tune it’s hard to resist warming to it. Ryan’s vocals and the gentleness of the guitar in particular bounce off each other so effortlessly that the track sounds so genuine and natural. This special knack seems second nature to Ryan, and the track is executed with such ease it’s really no wonder that his heartfelt solo material is proving to be such a hit.
I can’t urge you enough to spare a few minutes to give this single a listen, especially if you fancy a brief break away from everything, and definitely keep an eye out for Ryan Dooley in the near future.

Pacific – Those Nights

‘Those Nights’, the brand new single from Pacific, is guaranteed to be your summer anthem for 2015. 

If you thought they couldn’t build on ‘Time To Forget’, you were very clearly mistaken. Everything about this song, whether it’s the soft choral tones of the piano that define Pacific’s sound so brilliantly, or the nostalgic aftertaste that this track emits, will leave you feeling entirely refreshed. 

Very rarely do you hear a track where every single component fits into place as well as ‘Those Nights’ demonstrates, and that’s the something that will take this band to where they belong – at the top. And rightly so. Anthony Orzels vocals pour gallons of nostalgia into a well structured, well built and well delivered example of pop and rock at its best. 

Everyone should download this song instantly. Not just to show support to a visibly passionate and extremely promising band, but because Pacific are going places. 

Let ‘Those Nights’ be the song of your summer.

Em Jones 

Lazy Eye – First Thing Tomorrow EP Review

Having listened to a few of Lazy Eye’s records I had an idea of what I’d expect, however I’ve proven myself the true definition of the word philistine as Scott and the lads keep on surprising their public, front man Scott Powell seems to have found a new lease of life, true the Miles Kane/Kinks influences are still there but there is a sense that the band are moving towards more eclectic tastes!
First song Katie Jones starts off like a mod revival record with its ambient subway sounding build up however it comes across more indie pop then mod rock something I’ve been critical of with most local bands, it  includes name checks such as Carly Simon and Carole King. Katie Jones is a fine way to start an already promising E.P.
Rich Man improves on the promising start, from the first 30 seconds it sounds like the best thing the band have ever done and hearing it 2 or 3 times more I cannot see my opinion changing.
Killer Ooh is a track most fans will already be familiar with, this was early implication of the bands change of style, Killer Ooh is not too dissimilar from the previous two songs adding to the all round vibe of an impressive EP.
Its obvious that Lazy Eye have progressed from Miles Kane influenced Rock and roll to an all round British sound. Its sounds to me like Ray Davies and Parklife era Blur might have been an influence in the songwriting process. While early tracks like ‘Get, Get, Get’ give the implication that the band had such started walking in songwriting terms its tracks like the ones on this E.P prove that this band can run with the best of them.